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Tanks Combat

New action, tank combat sim Game.

Single and Multiplayer modes.

Recommend for a quick burst of action!

The player controls a single tank and must destroy a total of four or five enemy tanks on each of 60 levels. Featuring responsive thumb controls, players control direction and movement with the left touch control and the gun turret rotation and firing on the right. The AI engine controlling enemy tanks is quite challenging, and the eight different types of enemy tanks are especially adept at firing while moving. Though point scores are higher the less time is used, ammunition use lowers scores. Players must weigh the strategic advantages of rapid-fire attacks that end quickly, versus single-shot attacks that take more time.
TanksCombat is played in landscape orientation, and the player has a detailed, 2D overhead view. Each of the six different Missions takes place on a battlefield of different terrain, including: Desert Combat, Arctic Mission, Mountains Retake, Army Camp Defense, Guarding the Village, and Enemy Training Camp. Natural obstacles and man-made structures are often destroyed by tank fire, and players must rarely face more than two enemy tanks on the battlefield at a time. The controls and movement are smooth and responsive, shells and explosions are realistic, and tank treads propel the tanks quickly across the screen.
Part of mastering the game and unlocking the higher levels is observing the behavior of enemy tanks. They are all the same size, but come in eight different colors. Each has a unique combination of maximum of speed of travel, type of shell it fires, and minimum reload time. Usually, shells that meet in mid-air destroy each other. Different types of shells achieve different velocities, but usually a single hit by any type of shell will destroy any tank. Players have only one life per level, so they must avoid being hit even once before they defeat four or five enemies to win the level.
If the game is too difficult, you can choose from a set of advantages to help you pass that difficult level.
Feature Highlights: 
Fast, fun, tank combat sim game.
6 Missions with 10 Levels of combat each.
8 different enemy tanks, each with unique features. 
High-performance touch-controls allow players to aim, fire, and move simultaneously. 
Apple Game Center connectivity.
Universal app optimized for display on all iOS devices. 
Multiplayer enabled. Invite a friend to play with or let Game Center to setup a match automatically for you. 
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