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Best video editing app

Videocraft Video Editor App

& Movie Maker

All features in one app.

Full control.



Complete multi-track video editor, photo slideshow and movie maker app. All features one needs to combine video clips and photos with songs, sound effects, voice over, images, GIFs and text. With a beautiful and simple design, anyone can create and share amazing videos in minutes.​
Access all features in one app, no in-app purchases, no subscriptions, no watermarks.
Best video editing app
Best video editing app
Best video editing app

Create a project the way you want it, in seconds.

Select multiple videos and photos stored in your Photos or iCloud Files.
Choose project resolution: 4K UHD, 1080p HD or 720p HD.
Choose the project aspect ratio:
1:1 Square.
4:3 Standard.
16:9 Wide screen.
2:1 Extra-wide.
Choose orientation: Landscape or portrait.
Choose frame rate: 30fps or 60fps.
For photo stories, set photo duration, crop option to fill or fit your aspect ratio, option to enable Ken Burns effect, default transition and Done!. 

Add multiple video clips and photos to the main project video track.

Best video editing app
Trim video clips to play just the segment you need.
Mute video clip or adjust its volume.
Reverse video clip to play it backwards.
Adjust the speed using 7 speed levels to create slow/fast motion videos.
Fade in/fade out transition.
Crossfade transition.
Convert long videos to stop motion videos.
Extract frames from videos.
Best video editing app
Add photos to create slideshows.
Give life to photos with Ken Burns effects.
Set the duration of each photo.
Fade-in/fade out transition.
Crossfade transition.
Best video editing app

Crop, zoom and position video clips to fit your project aspect ratio. 

Crop, zoom and position the video clip or photo freely to fit your project aspect ratio. You can even change the background color.
Best video editing app

Give life to photos with

Ken Burns Effects.

Create beautiful photo stories where the photos pan and zoom smoothly.
Best video editing app

Add video over video (B-roll, picture-in-picture) 

Add video over the main video track.
You can add many videos over the main video but maximum 4 videos playing at the same time.
You can size and position the video over the main video as you like. For example you can play them side by side.
Best video editing app
Best video editing app

Create audio tracks from video clips.

Extract music from music videos to use it in your project.
With this feature you can play the audio of a video before the video shows up, enabling you to make interesting transitions.
Best video editing app

Blur effect.

For those "censored" parts of your video,  select the area of a video clip or photo and apply the 'Blur' effect.

Add multiple audio tracks with music, sound effects and voice-overs.

Best video editing app
Best Video editing app
Add as songs from your Music library or music you have stored in iCloud Files.
Add sound effects from the included sound effects library. 120 sound effects, including beeps, human noises, animals, ambiences, cartoon, comical, vehicles, weapons, explosions and more. 
Create voice recordings that can be added to your videos.
All songs, sound effects, and voice recordings can be trimmed to play just the segment you need.
Adjust the volume level for each audio track.
Option to mute the main video track while playing the song, sound effect or the voice recording.
Option to fade-in/fade-out the audio tracks for a smooth transition.

Add multiple images, GIFs or photos on top your video creation.

Best video editing app
Add images, photos or GIFs stored in Photos or iCloud Files on top of the video composition with any size and position. 
You can save custom watermarks, borders and overlays to your photo library and use them to create beautiful videos.
Combine text with included stickers to create callouts. There are more than 30 stickers, including callouts, comics to choose from. 
Many transitions including wipe, move, scale and fade.
Best video editing app

Add multiple texts on top your video.

Add text to your video with any font, color, size and position.
Includes all fonts installed in the device.
Change text color, shadow color and background color.
Many transitions including wipe, move, scale and fade.
Best video editing app

Easy to use video editor tools.

Add tracks using the buttons in the toolbar (scroll the toolbar to see all the buttons).
Each track is represented by a bar in the timeline. Access track options by tapping on its icon to the left.
Drag the bar to change its position.
Drag the bar handles to change the duration.
Duplicate bars for easy re-use.
Pinch the timeline to zoom in or out.
Reorder video clips by dragging its purple bar.
Undo/redo option.
Best video editing app


Projects are saved in the gallery so you can continue the work at any time.
Rename and make copies of your projects to try different things.
Export your project as a new video to your camera roll.

You can also export a frame of the video as a new photo in your photo library. It is perfect if you want to use the app to create memes by combining photos and text or simply to extract that special frame from your video.
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